Singleton has been a trusted name

in commercial real estate development

in Central Indiana for 35+ years.

We are a family-owned business.

We are proud of the properties and

relationships we’ve built over 3 decades.

With nearly 2,000,000 square feet of retail real estate in our portfolio, we are the experts on the
Indianapolis market – it is where we have lived and worked for generations. As a family business still led by our Founder, Jim Singleton, we truly believe that investing in exceptional people is as important as investing in exceptional real estate. 

Doug Singleton


 As President, Doug leads Singleton Companies in the execution of management and growth strategies as well as the day-to-day operations. He manages the business with the focus of developing long-term relationships. 

 Before joining his family on the Singleton team, Doug’s career path provided him invaluable experience. He developed a broader global perspective with a degree in International Politics from Georgetown University and then through working with the State Department as a Presidential Appointee. Transitioning from a global relationship-building focus to one closer to home, Doug moved to Chicago and earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management with concentrations in Real Estate and Finance. He then spent nearly a decade working for respected national development firms. Read More.

Jim Singleton

Founder + CEO

Jim launched his career in the real estate market 50 years ago with his first role at the F.C. Tucker Company in 1968. Under the mentorship of Bud Tucker, Jim learned the ropes and developed a love for the business and for Indianapolis. At the same time, he was busy earning his B.S. in Finance from IU’s Kelly School of Business. By the mid-70’s Jim was ready to branch out on his own. Shortly thereafter he met his wife Judy, and in 1984 they founded Singleton Companies.

Growing the business from its first shopping center 30 years ago to now owning nearly 2,000,000 square feet of retail space around the metropolitan Indianapolis area, Jim couldn’t be happier to see the business thriving and to be sharing leadership responsibilities with his son, Doug. Read More.

Judy Singleton

Co-Founder + Strategist

Judy began her real estate career in 1972 in El Paso, Texas with a company that later became LaSalle Partners in Chicago. By 1978, she had moved back to Indianapolis and joined Duke Realty. She was Director of Leasing for their high-end fashion centers when she met Jim. They married in 1980, and in ‘84 they co-founded Singleton Companies where she directed retail leasing.

Though Judy’s career track later led her into women’s advocacy work in politics and business, including investment in women-led films and women’s start-ups, Judy is still an active strategist and sounding board for the Singleton team and is their liaison for investment opportunities outside of real estate. Read more.